26/2/16 – my master plan

I’m very new to this whole blogging thing, and I will do terrible at it. But that’s okay, as long as I’m putting it out there, I’m okay. I will admit, I am a loser. Not the romantic highschool movie loser, with a bong and perfectly messed up hair- Hell. No.

I mean an actual literal freak.

But that is okay.

I’m not doing the whole loser to gorgeous thing, because I think that losers are gorgeous. Unique. Be yourself. I’m going to embrace my freakishness- but I’m going to be the best freak there is. I’m talking fucking weird ass tights, punk ass shoes, pushing the boundaries of the unifrom code in general.

I’m gonna do some fucking amazing pranks. Chilli powder. Or food colouring, if you put it into the actual cistern of a toilet no matter how many times they flush it will still be whatever colour you chose.

If you gotta be the weirdo smoking behind the back of the school- make sure you aren’t in some mildewed corner, you better be in a top-notch corner, and those ciggies better quality.

I’m going to do my makeup and my hair tomorrow, even though I’m only going cadets. I may be abit pudgy, but I can work it.